The Seas of Caladhan Duology

A fantasy romance duology featuring my spin on syrens and pirates, through a lens inspired by various elements from Celtic mythology and folklore.

Tablet and kindle eReader lay side by side on a gray fur rug, both showing The Syren's Mutiny. Top left shows three pink candles in pink glass candle holders. Top right shows a bunch of pink flowers.


The Syren's Mutiny

  • Dark fantasy romance
  • Bloodthirsty syrens & cinnamon roll pirates
  • Slow burn
  • LGBTQ & mental health rep
  • Intrigue & adventure
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A paperback of The Captain's Revenge, featuring a ship in a teal ocean with red blood spreading through the water, sits atop a hardback of The Syren's Mutiny. In the background, a gray fur rug. In the top border area, a mirrored tray with pink candles.


The Captain's Revenge

  • Jailbreaks & shipwrecks
  • Mysterious magic
  • Touch them & die
  • Unwilling allies and found family vibes
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Hollowed: A Sleepy Hollow Reimagining

This standalone gothic fantasy will take you into the world of Washington Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow…with a twist.

Image of a paperback resting at an angle atop a hardback. The paperback is titled HOLLOWED and features a collection of items behind the swirling fire styled typography. The hardback is a black hardback with an illustrated firebird in the center and decorative corners stylized in flames. The background is a gray fur rug, and pink flowers and candles surround the border.



  • Sleepy Hollow reimagining
  • Gothic fantasy
  • Irish mythology & folklore
  • Romantic & dark, super slow burn
  • Magic & mayhem
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